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Among the reasons pro football is the most popular betting proposition is that the NFL online gambling myths and facts such thorough coverage on television. The print media also covers the NFL very closely. Box scores and colorful stories by sportswriters can give fans a strong impression of what happened in a game. In addition, although betting on the NFL is illegal in nearly every state, the point spread on games receives extensive coverage in both the print and televised media.

Late in the week, many newspapers have staff members make selections against the point spread. All of this coverage makes the point spread enticing for viewers.

The information encourages them to form their own opinions. Some follow the advice of favorite writers or commentators. Others try to prove they know more than the experts. And for any fans who still feel they lack expertise, hordes of sports services or touts offer to fill the gap.

Most of them promise fabulous returns of 70 or even 80 percent winners, as if the people who book NFL games were the biggest suckers in the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Check this out love the NFL season.

It provides online gambling myths and facts with their online gambling myths and facts profits in sports. The average bettor, on the other hand, despite all the touts and information, loses season after season. Year after year, NFL bettors go into the season filled with confidence and end up losing. How can this happen? What pro handicappers know online gambling myths and facts that there is actually tremendous parity in the league, with not that much difference between the best player at a position and the worst.

When a team of slightly worse players is more motivated than a team of slightly better players an outright upset is possible.

Second, the point spread tends to nullify any obvious scrimmage edge skill or power advantage a team has over its opponent.

While the underdog won just 36 of these games outright Third, by betting an underdog, you have an important element of game strategy on your side. NFL do their best to win a game. Therefore, in the last few minutes of a game, a team that is leading seldom takes much risk to score more points.

Instead, it concentrates on hanging on to its lead. The team that is losing, on the other hand, usually tries to score until the bitter end. If a bettor has taken a favorite that is ahead but not covering with five minutes or less to go, that bettor is in trouble. In 20 years of handicapping the NFL, I have yet to come across a long-term winning bettor who does not bet mostly underdogs. Every now and again, accusations of a fix even online gambling myths and facts it into respected books and magazines.

First, over the past 25 years, I have known a number of handicappers, including myself, who have consistently won money betting the NFL. Second, in order to fix a game, Похищение online casino visa electron очень events would have to occur.

The fixer would have to get important players involved, and be able to bet enough to overcome the payments he has made to the crooked players.

Over the last 15 years, NFL salaries have skyrocketed. Important players, who would have to be in on the fix for it to work, make well into the millions each season. They make even more from endorsements and advertisements. Online gambling myths and facts would cost a lot of money to get to such players. And you could never fix a game with one player alone; at least a online gambling myths and facts would have to bought.

The fixer would then have to bet enough on the game online gambling myths and facts turn a profit on the deal. In order to bet this big he would have to use hundreds or thousands of bookmakers. And online gambling myths and facts would definitely notice when they saw this tidal wave of money coming in on one team. As the money came in from all over the country, bookmakers would be in a race to lay off the money with other bookmakers.

When huge money comes in from seemingly nowhere it is called unnatural money, and bookmakers are always suspicious about it. With multiple millions suddenly coming in, suspicion would be rampant. When bookmakers see unnatural money, they take games off the board until they know the online gambling myths and facts for it.

Online gambling myths and facts there is always a reasonable explanation. Sometimes a big name in betting likes the team. Bookmakers, who themselves depend on accurate handicapping, online gambling myths and facts that the only way they can survive is for NFL games to be honest. Coups, such as the ones that have tarnished college basketball from time to time, could wipe them out.

Bookmakers would be the first to turn in anyone who tried to fix a game. Believers in fixes also point to referees as possible culprits. Since referees make far less money than players and exert great control this web page games, this could be feasible except for two things.

First, the NFL does a very close background check on potential referees. Before anyone is allowed to ref NFL games, a lot of solid sources have to consider him bribe-proof.

Second, sources in Las Vegas keep records on which referees work which games and correlate the data with any big money that comes in on a game.

If any suspicious correlation between a particular ref and unnatural money turned up, it would be reported immediately to the NFL. Instead, get to work on your handicapping. NFL analysts in the media have quick answers to all these questions. They have a listing of every player and his record at their fingertips. They have staff-written copy on hand to explain all types of game strategies. They have formidable arrays of statistics to cover any situation. Because of the media, pro football is a sport of virtually no hidden information.

It is something else entirely to try to predict that which has yet occur.

When the media try to predict game results, they online gambling myths and facts to do poorly. In fact, virtually every online gambling myths and facts for the past 20 years the consensus in the Post has finished below 50 percent.

One of the Post handicappers often mentions trends in his handicapping analysis—how teams do on grass or turf, as favorites or underdogs, etc.

But trends are mostly useless these days since teams change so quickly due to free agency. What does it matter if a team is and-4 on road turf over the last five years if only three of its players have been there that long? But they too have online gambling myths and facts picked the To cover this, they often talk about their records in relation to the.

The vig seems not to exist in the world of WFAN. A tout is someone who gets paid to help a bettor make money betting the NFL. Some are legitimate handicappers. An overwhelming majority are not.

The first way to protect yourself from one who is not is to rule out anyone who claims to win 75 or 80 percent against the point spread.

A realistic long-term win percentage for a skilled handicapper will be in the 55—60 percent range. I know of no service that has done better than about 60 percent online gambling myths and facts a number of seasons. And those online gambling myths and facts consistently reach 60 percent are very few.

Another warning sign of a rip-off tout is multiple services within one service. Touts create multiple services so that they can online gambling myths and facts truthfully claim to have won. This way, the tout can always truthfully advertise that his service, meaning one of his services, had the winner of the game. Other sports services give out selections on numbers with a charge-per-call.

They pad the bill by offering just one selection and telling you to call back in ten minutes for another pick—and another charge. How they can sell such games is beyond me.

Anyone who has watched sports for about a month realizes that the difference between winning and losing against Эп, play video slots online for free несколько spread can be infinitesimally small. In the NFL, a game will often be turned by a single play or penalty call. The best anyone can do in handicapping is come up with a side that has a slightly better online gambling myths and facts 60 percent chance of covering the spread.

This still means that almost four times in ten the game will lose—which makes any talk of a lock complete nonsense. Some of the more laughable tout ads are those that are printed a month or more ahead of time.

These are often found in NFL betting schedules. In summary, the only touts you should consider using are those who talk about the long haul and realistic win percentages. Usually the bet is on one team against the point spread, or the over-under on the total score of a game.

However, bookies also offer other types of bets. What makes these bets alluring is that they seem to pay more. But in reality, these exotic bets usually cost you. Parlays and Parlay Check this out Parlays are usually bet in two- or three-game groups.

On a two-game parlay, a bettor gets to-5 odds if he wins both games. For a small investment, the payoff seems big: So why not bet parlays?

Reel Facts VLT Training program is a responsible gambling training program for all VLT retailers and staff who have any involvement with video lottery terminals.

The outcome of each gambling event is down to chance. Spending longer gambling doesn't have any impact on the outcome of the next gamble.

This is known as the 'independence of events' - each event outcome e. Given the house edge and return to player mechanisms described above, a longer amount of time spent gambling will usually mean paying more for that leisure time.

If you keep playing for long enough, you'll eventually win all your money back. Actually, the more read more gamble, the more likely it is you'll lose more money. The odds are always stacked in the favour of those offering the bet — online gambling myths and facts bookies, casinos and lottery companies know that some people will win, but more people have to lose so that the companies can stay in business.

Again, it's all down to chance. Games such as poker and sports betting can benefit from extra knowledge, but you still can't guess the outcome.

You might think you're the best poker player around, but someone else may be better or have stronger cards. Your football team here have won the last two matches, but that doesn't mean they'll win online gambling myths and facts third. Remember to always play it safe. When gambling, keeping track of more info results can help you figure out the coming results.

There is no pattern when it check this out to gambling. If there were a pattern, everyone would learn it and no one would ever lose. If no one lost there'd be no money left in the slot, and the bookies and casinos would become bankrupt and wouldn't be able to pay the winners.

Believing this will only cause you to lose lots of cash and stop gambling from being fun. For help, support and advice about problem gambling please contact the National Gambling Helpline on or via the NetLine.

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Stay in Control What is self exclusion? How to self-exclude Tips for online gambling myths and facts safely How much do you spend?

The more you gamble, the more likely it is that you'll have a big win. Knowing a game well increases your chances of winning. Ask us anything Go.

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