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So what are you waiting for? Register for free astraware casino windows mobile It was not there when I installed Pocket Express from Handmark download site ver. Then I was able to download the Casino software for free! Astraware Casino includes instructions on how to play each of the games, designed with casual players in mind, so each of the games is perfect for everyone to enjoy without playing with real money.

As you progress and play more, higher stake tables and games are unlocked, offering bigger bets and larger wins. Astraware Casino also includes a bank where you can get an overdraft if your luck is out, or stash your cash if you win big! Just like when you take a regular vacation, it's fun to bring back souvenirs, and in Astraware Casino you get your own Astraware casino windows mobile Suitcase.

As astraware casino windows mobile play you'll reach certain achievements which unlock different items to remind you of your trip to the Astraware Casino. Last edited by gullzway; at This post has been thanked 10 times.

Yeah I have the newest version and I can't find it either I installed the OnDemand. Had to uninstall Pocket Express version 4. Once Pocket Express is installed, astraware casino windows mobile can click on Extras, and then on Games, and once you go there, the Astra Casino should be available, at least that's how it worked for me. Not sure how long this offer blackjack online ordering last That what it was astraware casino windows mobile as on my Touch.

I renamed it AstraCasino. Don't know if I am allowed to post the actual. This post has been thanked 1 times. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Find All Thanked Posts. Page 1 of 4. Free Astraware Casino Is it a free astraware casino windows mobile version or a free download of a trial?

Free Astraware Casino Full Version. Samsung Note 4 Carrier: Free Astraware Casino Nice find! Free Astraware Link ManuTouch.

Free Astraware Casino Alright Switch continue reading Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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I'll be ordering the screen guards for my Pre later this week. If you want to order a set for yourself, check out the Seidio website for more details. In the past, I have used Seidio's OEM-sized extended batteries and screen protectors with my Treo p and p see more I have been very happy with their performance over the years.

I'm expecting the same high quality products for my Pre. Handmark R today announced the release of Astraware Casino - a fun, easy-to-use pack of 11 of the most popular casino games from around the world - on the App Store. Users with iPhone OS 3. Handmark will be incorporating iTunes Library integration into a range of their existing and forthcoming iPhone and iPod touch games, allowing players to create their own soundtrack for each game. Updates here existing titles with this great new feature will be rolled out over the summer.

You can read my review of Astraware Casino here. For more details on other editions of Astraware Casino, please visit the Astraware website. Posted by Alan Grassia at 7: The Comics by comiXology App is a digital comic store, library and reader for iPhone and iPod touch that is launching with over titles available from twenty popular comic publishers and many independent comic writers.

Comic book enthusiasts can now not only read their comics in a format designed to preserve the comic book experience on an iPhone or iPod touch, but astraware casino windows mobile locate and connect with local astraware casino windows mobile to purchase the printed version of the titles.

Through astraware casino windows mobile with comic book retailers, Comics by comiXology will increase both digital and print sales of comics and deliver a powerful mobile marketing tool for comic book publishers and retailers.

Comics by comiXology offers a "guided view" that keeps the entire page of a comic astraware casino windows mobile, unlike other solutions where the page is cut into individual pictures the user browses like a astraware casino windows mobile application.

Comics by comiXology is a reader app that contains all a user's comics and offers its own digital comics store that supports multiple publishers.

Among the twenty publishers that have already signed up to deliver their titles through Comics by comiXology please click for source many well-known industry icons including: Posted by Alan Grassia at Palm Releases webOS 1.

On Thursday afternoon, Palm released the webOS 1. There is a europe bet list of fixes and enhancements that are delivered in this update, including a patch that "resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes 8.

As with all Palm webOS updates, the package can be downloaded and installed to the Pre, over the air, by using the Updates application. I installed this update first thing on Friday morning and I did notice some improvement in cellular coverage while I was at the office.

I'm not sure if that just happened to be a coincidence or due to the software update. I'll have to keep and eye on the phone over the next few days to see for sure.

I'm also excited to see that Palm has restored the ability to sync the Pre with iTunes. I know that doubleTwist is a great free option for doing the exact same thing as the Media Sync feature with iTunes, however, I'd rather sync my Pre to my Mac without having to install any extra software. This situation is probably temporary as I'm sure Apple will try to counter Palm's counter move.

So I'll be sure to enjoy it while it lasts. And when Apple does finally pull the plug on Palm's iTunes sync ambitions for good, I'll make the jump to doubleTwist. To read all the details about Palm webOS 1. Posted by Alan Grassia at 9: I was talking to a fellow Palm gearhead the other day and we were talking about how well the slider on my Palm Pre was holding up. The answer was "very well. So I started searching the Internet for astraware casino windows mobile answer to this question.

I didn't have to wait long as PreCentral. Once you do, tap the Preferences pull here menu, and select Astraware casino windows mobile Tests.

Run the Hardware buttons test. Skip the keyboard test. The next test, Keyboard Slider, will show you astraware casino windows mobile many times the slider has been cycled, or opened and closed. At this point, you can press the button and dismiss the Device Info application.

So, how astraware casino windows mobile times have you used your Pre's keyboard slider? The Optical sensor refers to the times the slider was not opened fully. Apple, with the release of iTunes 8. Dieter Bohn writes for PreCentral. We were wondering if this day would come after the back and forth between Astraware casino windows mobile and Astraware casino windows mobile on the issue.

It's as-yet unclear exactly what method Apple is using to block Pre sync, but we suspect is wasn't easy. Which means we also suspect it might not be easy for Palm to turn it back on. I'll also mention astraware casino windows mobile I'm not clueless to best uk online casino live is going on either: Apple makes little to no money from music sales.

The really money made from the astraware casino windows mobile music store is the sale of iPhones and iPods. I get it, really I do. But I've purchased three iPods already. I really don't need a new iPod and I really don't want an iPhone, because, unlike what Mr. Jobs said at the iPhone announcement, I really do want a physical keyboard on my device.

Soft keyboards are terrible in my opinion. So now the stand off starts. Cash casino app long can I hold back on the previous version of iTunes before I'm forced to upgrade to a newer release that prevents my Pre from syncing?

Pre users, what are you planning on doing? Are you going to hang back with me, or are you going to upgrade and use one of the third-party solutions to sync iTunes to your Pre such as doubleTwist or the Missing Sync for the Pre? Click the comments link below and let your voices be heard! Monday, July 13, Rumor: Kajot casino online games Preparing webOS 1.

The updates to webOS that Palm has released today have been bug fixes and security updates targetted at fixing specific issues leading up and immediately following the commercial release of the Pre in the United States on June 6th.

What is not entirely know, aside from the information about Microsoft Exchange specific information in the slide that was obtained by PreCentral is what, if any, other software updates will be included in the webOS 1. We'll have to wait until this update gets official to see what other goodies Palm might add to the update. Posted by Alan Grassia at 3: At some point this week, smartphone accessory maker, Seidio will begin selling a 2-pack version of their Ultimate Screen Guard for the Palm Pre.

Our Ultimate Screen Guard is usually a one time purchase for many of our customers. Because of its quality, most people find themselves replacing their device before their screen protector. Astraware, the Handmark games unit, today released Phaze "Lite". Phaze, a unique game available only on the iPhone and iPod touch, is an exciting new futuristic racing game that offers players source exhilarating race experience as they select astraware casino windows mobile ship and race around rollercoaster-like tracks with stomach-flipping twists and turns, and velocity-increasing boost pads, while collecting powerups and avoiding their competitors' weapons!

The Lite version, available now, astraware casino windows mobile one race craft, one location and two difficulty levels so players get a chance to try out Phaze for FREE!

If they enjoy the game, the astraware casino windows mobile version additionally includes Championship mode, a total of four difficulty levels, 15 more locations with 64 tracks across all difficultiesand a total of 10 race craft some are unlockable. SplashData File Magic 2. Have you ever felt constrained by the types of data you can sync to your iPhone or iPod touch? File Magic is a two-piece solution. File Magic, the desktop application, is a drag-and-drop file transfer tool.

The desktop application looks for the File Magic application on your iPhone and then establishes a Wi-Fi link between the two. File Magic is easy to learn. After playing with the software for a few minutes I felt that I had a handle on all of the features. To help you get up and running quickly, SplashData has included a Quick Start Guide that is accessible right from the mobile see more. For most people, the on device guide will be all they will need to read.

There are two ways to get documents into your iPhone. The first is to synchronize File Magic running on your iPhone with your computer. The computer and the iPhone or iPod touch must both be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work. You can also send or receive files directly into or out of your device when the person you want to share your document with is on the same Wi-Fi network and has a copy of File Magic installed.

Since SplashData has their own application for managing the files you load on your device, you can send a document from the SplashData data store to anyone else by attaching astraware casino windows mobile document to an email message and sending it to any valid email address. There are two things that I did find annoying about the installation and use of File Magic.

The ah-hoc networking between the iPhone and desktop application uses a networking service called Bonjour. If you are using a Mac, Bonjour is all ready installed on your computer.

PC users, on the other hand, will have to install it. SplashData does tell you how to manually check to see if Bonjour is already installed. To move forward and astraware casino windows mobile in the deck of photos that have been loaded into File Magic you must use the left and right arrow navigation buttons at the top right of the screen. All-in-all, I thought that File Magic is the must have application for those people who like to take their important documents with them.

The software is easy to use and the document transfer between the desktop computer and an iPhone or iPod touch read more without any issues during my testing. The desktop application works with Mac OS X For more information, or to download the free desktop application, please visit the SplashData website.

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