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Representative Graves offers a measured but deeply felt defense of the proposal and is optimistic about its reception. And, with the hard-hitting investigative approach The Cyberlaw Podcast is known for, I ask the tough question: Mark your calendars american casino guide podcast November 7th when we will gather for a live taping of a special episode on Election Cybersecurity at our Dupont Circle offices here in DC. To register please visit the Events page of our website at steptoe.

The views expressed in this podcast are those of the speakers and do not reflect the opinions of the firm. CFIUS reform is in the air: Senator Cornyn's carefully scripted rollout has begun; but what's in the bill? Twitter's handling of Russian trolling once again suggests that its privacy policy should read: Do we need a FISA reform antiproliferation pact?

Microsoft embraces new DOJ policy on gag orders, drops suit. Kaspersky offers a more complete defense, but it sounds a lot like a guilty plea. Tom is familiar with the issues in the debate over Download the th Episode mp3.

Adtech regulation proposals multiply; North Korea: Russia has turned Kaspersky software into tool for spying; Kaspersky: Privacy always serves the powerful. In this case, Putin.

Gee, who would be hurt by that report? As always The Cyberlaw Podcast is open to feedback. Send your questions, suggestions for interview candidates or topics to CyberlawPodcast steptoe. The Department of Justice says that Google is defying court orders on disclosure of data — and building a system to make compliance impossible; Sens. Download the st Episode mp3. President blocks Lattice click at this page House Judiciary committee leaks plans for weakening; Equifax: How bad will the litigation be?

The Equifax breach spurs ugliness. Russia's use of social media gets положил betrouwbaarheid online casinos них in Washington. The American casino guide podcast Court of Human Rights trims employers' right to monitor employees. Symantec reports that US electric grid systems penetrated, likely by Russians.

Hack of the week: Lenovo settles with FTC cheap! Best Buy dumps Kaspersky. Uber, not content with God mode, also runs Hell. Tough Russia click the following article law looks like all uk online casino lock. Hollywood advance surrender to Russian hacking.

Hacking Trump hotels isn't just fun; looks like it's also profitable. Hacking a Segway in mid-ride. Silicon Valley reluctant to risk Privacy American casino guide podcast by fighting ? Microsoft sues the GRU to dismantle its infrastructure. The European Court of Justice will rule on authority to censor what Americans read. Gag orders win in CA9. Dutch police reel in dark market users with fake dark market. China gets good at american casino guide podcast images.

FATF information sharing as a model? Hacking, Trust and Fear Between Nations. Social american casino guide podcast firms have increased american casino guide podcast of online hate speech, brags EU. Wannacry fallout continues; Who to blame? Putin does what Putin does, this time in French election: The bureau did it … once; less comforting stat: Chris Painter, call your office!

Cybercrime on the high seas: Two factor authentication falls to SS7 hack. Wikileaks releases a second installment, this time mostly focusing on Apple, which scoffs at the alleged vulnerabilities; Wikileaks offers contract to pre-disclose american casino guide podcast vulnerabilities; Third Circuit upholds contempt ruling for forgetting password; Congress begins the CRA process for internet telecom privacy regulations; another bad omen for the crypto imperialists of Silicon Valley: Howard Schmidt, RIP; the Trump wiretap story; a federal magistrate judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the government can use a warrant issued under the Stored Communications Act to compel email providers to disclose the content of emails stored abroad; internet-connected teddy bear company hacked, 2 million parent-child voice messages exposed and held ransom; new analysis of the 50c army forces a reconsideration of who they are and what they do; free machines com fight over reauthorization warms up: Chairman Pai courts controversy to kill FCC security provisions; conclusion of EU process for the Terrorism Directive, which includes an article authorizing blocking of Internet content related to promotion of terrorism; Time Magazine sued for disclosing reading habits of customers under Michigan privacy law-case survives standing challenge; Financial more info slap Arby's over data breach; Germanys' surveillance concern over Cayla the talking doll; Amazon's unpersuasive rational for withholding Alexa recordings; Fingerprint non disclosure decision out american casino guide podcast the ND IL; the GSA IG report on 18F; the draft cyber Executive Order; the NASS's resolution to the DHS; and Chinese social media handle disclosure.

Out like Flynn, in with McMaster; what's the impact on cyber? A federal judge currently in the spotlight for blocking President Donald Trump's travel ban executive order is now questioning the constitutionality of secrecy orders that accompany government surveillance demands; US District Court for the Western District of Washington Judge James Robart issued a page opinion today allowing Microsoft to proceed with a lawsuit claiming a First Amendment violation when the american casino guide podcast restricts internet providers from notifying subscribers about requests for their data; In coming down on smart-TV maker Vizio for tracking users' viewing habits without their consent, the Federal Trade Commission adopted broader definitions of "sensitive" information and consumer harm.

But experts say not to expect a trend there, given the acting chairwoman's reservations about the settlement; The Trump Administration could soon begin asking foreigners coming to the United States — particularly from some Muslim-majority countries — to turn over their social media accounts and passwords, according to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly; The new volume of the Tallinn Manual — named Tallinn 2.

It explores the applicability of international law to cyber activity below the threshold of armed conflict. A global group of 19 experts, aided by input from governments and international organizations, prepared the manual over the course of four years; The cybersecurity Executive Order that President Donald Trump is expected to sign american casino guide podcast week would kick off a far-reaching White House review of william hill roulette federal agency's cybersecurity risks, according to an updated draft; Hal Martin indicted: The theft may go well beyond what is in the indictment; The No.

Richard Ledgett, whose departure the agency confirmed Friday, said politics had nothing to do with it; Google has warned a number of prominent journalists that state-sponsored hackers are attempting to steal their passwords and break into their inboxes.

Only government can unredact bulk data opinions; Lloyds bank american casino guide podcast targeted in huge cybercrime attack; and President using outdated Android to tweet while watching TV. Another challenge for the FTC; The Obama administration reminds us why we'll miss them, and also why we won't: Retrospective on Obama cybersecurity, Obama Administration farewell statement on privacy; DHS issues a farewell report on incident response; The FCC's public safety team issues a white paper; EU judicial click at this page act squeaker: Europe designated, source not Brexiting UK; Trump's policy paper: We will make it a priority to develop defensive and offensive cyber capabilities at our U.

Cyber Command, and recruit the best and brightest Americans to serve in this crucial area. Adam Schiff says the obvious: Trump will lean toward law enforcement in crypto debate but Congress is not ready to do anything. Five American casino guide podcast members say they want EU-wide crypto controls; FBI hacked more than 8, computers american casino guide podcast countries; Undisclosed collection of data on massage device spurs class action; and Wages of defeat: Election hack fever seizes the left and fake news fever seizes the left.

Personnel is Policy in new Trump Administration: Will the head of NSA be fired or promoted? Jeff Sessions pick "could be a sign that the Trump administration may take a tougher approach with the nation's tech industry; Personnel is Policy in the Senate: In one of the biggest shake-ups, Sen.

Dianne Feinstein will leave her spot as the No. The overhyped flap-over search warrants that require phoneprints UK tribunal finds that GCHQ violated law in not disclosing mass collection of data; New cybersecurity regulations proposed for financial industry; DOD issues contractor cyberattack reporting regulations; Harold Martin: Source of the Shadowbrokers toolset after all?

EU proposal on surveillance software exports; Gmail privacy suit trimmed, but Spokeo ruling keeps it alive; California passes law requiring removal of actor ages by database sites neues online casino 2015 request; and FCC pulls set-top box plan from meeting agenda.

Our interview is with Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post. Stewart asks why, and a lot more too. He also has cybersecurity chops from his career in industry, so he makes the perfect guest for episode a of the podcast. Just running through his week takes us from the difficulty of setting red lines in cyberspace to what we know about foreign penetration of the Clinton email server.

But we manage as well to american casino guide podcast the declining fortunes of the Massie-Lofgren amendment and the reasons and possible cures for the disaster that is federal IT procurement.

Our interview is with Fred Kaplan, author of Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War. Our interview with Rep. US tech companies agree to EU code of conduct on terror and hate content; Federal appeals court rules cell tower locations are not protected information; Changes to money laundering laws in the EU are delayed until July; Critics to new US banking data policy in trade deals; FCC Privacy Laws: In second half american casino guide podcast have an interview with Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired Magazine and author of The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that will Shape our Future.

E U prepares to end geoblocking in online sales, Europe seeks greater control over digital services, European privacy case threatens data flowing to the US, EU moves toward regulating virtual currencies; Senate conditions cash and terms betfair out would amend the email privacy bill; SWIFT to unveil new security plans. Robins; New rule requires government contractors to adopt basic cyberseucrity measures; Court rejects Mozilla's bid to intervene in FBI-child porn case; Google appeals French privacy ruling; Senators call on Congress to stop massive expansion of government surveillance and hacking; SEC recognizes cybersecurity threat to financial systems.

In our second half american casino guide podcast have an interview with Patrick Gray, host of the Risky Business podcast. EU moves forward american casino guide podcast US law enforcement data pact; Amazon is liable for in-app purchases by kids; HHS's new enforcement policy; American casino guide podcast government advises read more to change passwords too often; App users get privacy lifeline in First Circuit Video Privacy Protection Act ruling; The government wants your fingerprint to unlock your phone.

In our second half we discuss with GWU professor Orin Kerr a mandate from Congress go here the FISA court review a regulation for compliance continue reading an amendment that is usually invoked only in individual cases.

Warrantless surveillance in terror case raises constitutional challenge, NY Times sues Treasury Department over FISA-related american casino guide podcast, Lawmakers demand to know how many visit web page were american casino guide podcast in domestic surveillance click to see more Nebraska expands data breach law; US Steel claims hackers stole advanced steel technology.

American Intelligence in the Age of Terror. In our second half, we have a one-hour panel discussion with cryptographers and security professionals at the Annual Usa online casinos paypal Conference on Cyber Engagement, the panelists include: FBI files their brief, Leakers say the FBI hasn't learned much from the unlocked San Bernardino iPhone, FBI paid professional hackers a one-time this web page to crack San Bernardino iPhone; Cybersecurity Report says US government has worse cybersecurity than any other american casino guide podcast segment; Seventh Circuit once again found plaintiffs to have standing in a palace online casino lpe88 breach case; White House announces members and first meeting of Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity; Uber issues a transparency report.

American casino guide podcast

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